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El Caracoli - Colombia

Strawberry / Cherry / Cola

Doralba Pantoja is a third-generation coffee grower, her interest and taste for coffee arise from the passion and effort with which her grandparents worked on the same farm since the '50s. Committed to respecting the environment and her workers, she sets a high bar for a responsible grower and we are delighted to work with her.

This pink bourbon was processed with anaerobic black honey fermentation for 200 hours in a barrel. The beans are left with pretty much all the mucilage on so are surrounded by sugar and microorganisms. After this the beans are raked out in thin layers and left out in the sun for 25 days. A super long process, but with stupendous results!

El Caracoli is a super sweet clean coffee with distinct cherry cola tartness and full on strawberry sweetness.

Amazingly refreshing and makes our taste buds tingle!

Producer: Doralba Pantoja

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1,470 masl

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Processing: Black Honey

Brew: V60 / Filter