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Espresso Blend - (Brazil - Ethiopia)

Milk Chocolate / Caramel / Strawberry Jam

We have secured a few more special lots from Brazil and Ethiopia to continue with our seasonal espresso blend. We rotate components of our house espresso to attain optimum freshness, our aim to deliver a balanced and refined espresso experience. Brazil brings the base notes of milk chocolate and a smooth caramel mouthfeel - Ethiopia brings the punchy strawberry jamminess!

From Brazil: Farmed at the Fazenda Pantano Estate in the Cerrado region of Brazil, an area famed for producing some of Brazil’s finest coffees. Owned by Jorge Naime he uses the latest technology to produce specialty coffees with quality and sustainability. This Tupi varital gives us the perfect base notes to pair with the fruitier Ethiopian. Full flavoured with a rich mouthfeel. Sweet and satisfying!

From Ethiopia: the Gelana coffee farm in Ethiopia, run by Israel Degfa. Always looking to improve the quality of his coffee he has set up greenhouse areas, so he is able to stabilise temperatures in a controlled environment. The seedlings are able to grow more uniformly and thus produce a better quality harvest. Originally set up to grow Gesha varitals, it’s the Red Catuai which caught our attention for this blend.

A delicious and moreish cup!


Producer: Jorge Naime, Israel Degfa

Origin: Cerrado, Brazil 

             Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Altitude: 1,080 - 1,750 masl

Varietal: Tupi, Red Catuai

Processing: Natural

Brew: Aeropress / Espresso