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Luis Anibal - Colombia

Blackberries / Dragon Fruit / Cacao

Luis Aníbal’s family has over 60 years of experience growing coffee. Luis's Farm, Finca Villa Betulia, is located in Acevedo, southern Huila. Rich volcanic soil and a perfect temperate climate allows the cherries to mature slowly and increases their natural sugar content. This is a unique Pink Bourbon lot. Pink Bourbon is a hybrid of Yellow and Red Bourbon varieties that was first discovered and grown in Colombia. Taste-wise, Pink Bourbon has all the advantages of its Bourbon parents. The highlights of the typical Pink Bourbon profile are the strong floral notes and pleasant acidity frequently found in East African coffees.  

Picked following a strict ripeness criteria and hand sorted. Cherries are left to ferment inside plastic tanks for 200 hours then left to dry on raised beds below 35 degrees Celsius until the ideal moisture content is achieved.

This lot doesn’t disappoint. We have a delicious full bodied cup with a sweet and buttery mouthfeel. Notes sticky blackberry compote, tropical dragonfruit and underlying cocoa depth. Enjoy!

Producer: Luis Anibal Calderon

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1,500 - 1,550 masl

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Processing: Natural C. M.

Brew: Aeropress / V60