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Mazateca Decaf - Mexico

Milk Chocolate / Caramel / Nougat

The mountain water decaffeination process is patented by Descamex in Cordoba, Veracruz. It is a chemical-free process that uses the clean water from Mexico’s highest volcano: Pico de Orizaba.

Decaffeination Proceess

Green coffee beans are immersed in the crystal clear water of Pico de Orizaba. In this stream bath, the pores of the grains are opened and the organoleptic attributes, acids and caffeine are extracted.

The resulting solution is passed through a special filter, which separates the caffeine-laden water from liquid containing the palate or aromas, flavours and acids.

This system helps remove approsimately 99% of the caffeine originally found in the beans, but without taking away flavour, aroma and characteristics.

After that, the oils and the original properties of the coffee (already without caffeine) are returned to the beans. Finally the coffee must be dried, packaged, and shipped to be roasted and enjoyed.


In March 2021 Ensambles set up a regional warehouse and lab based in Huautla, the main town in La Cañada.
Most of the coffee communities of La Mazateca are 1 to 3 hours away from Huautla, by car, on dirt roads.

Being close (relatively close, it’s still Mexico) to producers means they can evaluate their samples quickly, provide feedback, and invite them to see and participate in the lab activities. The vast majority of producers in this region had never heard of cupping or yield calculation, nor had they used a humidity reader – equipment and concepts so obvious to specialty coffee professionals in consuming countries.
Most of La Mazateca coffee is bought by local intermediaries who then sell it to bigger intermediaries who use it to improve high volume blends, sold with zero traceability. Seeing the potential in this area, Ensambles decided to implement a local supply chain that would enable to separate the best tasting coffees and make them available roasters in Uk and Europe.
We are privilage to have this coffee with us, and we sure pur customer wouldbe extremetly satisfied with this clean, sweet and ceffeine free coffee.

Producer: Small Producers

Origin:  Oaxaca, Mexico

Altitude: 1200-1500 masl

Varietal: Typica & bourbon

Processing: AMountain Ater

Brew: Espresso / Aeropress / Cafetiere