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Paraiso - Brazil

Milk Chocolate / Caramel / Nougat

The agronomist Guy Carvalho bought Fazenda Paraiso in 1990. Passionate about coffee, Guy Carvalho’s approach to is quality driven. In 1996 Fazenda Paraiso participated in Project Gourmet in Brazil, this project was in partnership with OIC to improve quality and introduce the process of Pulped Natural into this farm.

Let’s talk through the basics first. The pulped natural method was pioneered in Brazil around twenty years ago, where it was originally called Cereja Descascada or “peeled cherry”. This is because the process involves removing the skin of the fruit before letting the coffee dry with almost all of the pulp still on the beans.

It’s essentially a middle ground between the dry and wet processing methods. During the natural (or dry) method, the beans are dried entirely in their natural form, while the washed (or wet) process sees all of the soft fruit residue, both skin and pulp, removed before the coffee is dried.

The farm is located in a traditional coffee-growing district of Cabo Verde, in a region that presents ideal conditions for coffee production, such as an average altitude of 950 meters and a climate with well defined seasons, low humidity and favourable temperatures. 

He runs a very well organised and modern farm and the result is evident in his super consistent coffee that is caramel sweet and milk chocolate smooth.

Producer: Guy Carvalho

Origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Altitude: 900 - 1100 masl

Varietal: Mundo Novo, Catuai

Processing: Pulped Natural

Brew: Aeropress / Espresso