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San Antonio - Brazil

Milk Chocolate / Almond / Melon

Santo Antonio is our new brazilian single origin, produced by Luciana Sucupira, from the Cerrado Mineiro, this region is generally famous for the quality of its agricultural produce and now its world lauded coffee. It has been recognised with the first Designation of Origin in Brazil for its outstanding attributes, located in the northwest of Minas Gerais State.

Having well-defined seasons - a hot, wet summer and a pleasantly dry winter - is a strong characteristic of the region. The coffee plantations are cultivated in areas with altitudes varying between 800 and 1,300 meters, the result being high quality coffees with a unique identity.

This Brazilian coffee is superbly balanced and inviting whether black or white. Very chocolaty and notes of caramelised almonds are also marked. This cup of coffee pairs nicely with mature Minas cheese or Pão de Queijo, it's definitely the one for your everyday brew.

Origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Altitude: 1,200 masl

Varietal: Red Catuai and Novo Mundo

Processing: Natural

Brew: Aeropress, V60 and Frenchpress