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Jairo Arcila - Colombia

Pineapple / Milk Chocolate / Raisins

Jairo Arcila is a third generation coffee grower from Quindío, Colombia. He owns various farms and has over the years experimented growing exotic varietals with great success. His children have followed him into the coffee business, but as importers. They founded Cofinet – and it’s through them we have sourced this special Colombian lot. Understanding exactly what the end customer requires has helped Jairo perfect his processing techniques. Working together they developed the White Wine Fermentation protocol. This fermentation process is aimed at coffees that are processed as natural. The main objective is to continue innovating and exploring the boundaries of Colombian coffee, while still maintaining the coffee’s inherent cup profile.

The name White Wine Fermentation or WWF comes from the resulting cup profile. It relates to the clean crisp notes, similar to those found in a cold glass of white wine. Delicate complexity with defined fruit notes makes for an excellent filter coffee.

Producer: Jairo Arcila

Origin: Quindío, Colombia

Altitude: 1700 - 1750 masl

Varietal: Castillo

Processing: Natural / WWF

Brew: French Press / Filter