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El Plan - Honduras

Stewed Plum / Cherry / Brown Sugar

The El Plan farm is located in Las Flores, a department of Santa Bárbara in mountainous northwestern Honduras. Owned by Edwin Ever Sabillón Paz, who has worked and grown coffee for most of his life. He’s still very much involved in the growing and harvesting. It’s very much quality over quantity. He farms Parainema variety, which withstands pests and thrives in microclimate conditions at El Plan.

The ripest cherries are picked and go straight to the wet mill. Here they are put directly into the plastic barrels, excluding oxygen for anaerobic fermentation for 48 hours. The cherries are then depulped and the parchment is taken to a parabolic solar dryer to dry. The mucilage is left on for 15-20 days, which gives us the honey process and the fruity results. During the drying the parchment is sorted by hand to remove any defective beans.

We get a super clean, yet full bodied coffee with unique characteristics. Red fruits of plum and cherry shine though, layered over a smooth brown sugar syrupy sweetness. Excellent through the Aeropress and super refreshing with milk on ice!

Producer: Edwin Ever Sabillón Paz

Origin: Santa Bárbara, Honduras

Altitude: 1,400 masl

Varietal: Parainema

Processing: Honey

Brew: Aeropress / Espresso