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Espresso Blend 137 (Brazil - Rwanda)

Nougat / Fig Syrup / Chocolate

We are excited to announce our new espresso for 2023. Composed of a complex washed Rwandan and a full bodied natural Brazilian. The combination of these two coffees creating a consistently smooth and balanced espresso. 

We are again very happy to be supporting and working with Kinini. Our Rwandan is grown by an all female cooperative of 37 farms in the Northern Provinces of Rwanda. By supporting them, we directly help these women reap the benefits of all their hard work and allow them control of their futures.

Our Rwandan is super clean so it's complexity is perfectly balanced. To give us a little extra depth we've paired up with a Pulped Natural Catuai grown in Minas Gerais Brazil, by Guy Carvalho. A classic smooth and silky Brazilian to complete our espresso.

We end up with a full bodied satisfying espresso. Nougat sweet, chocolaty smooth with just the subtlest notes of sweet fig syrup. 

Super satisfying!

Producer: Guy Carvalho, Kinini

Origin:  Minas Gerais, Brazil

              Northern Province, Rwanda

Altitude: 900 - 2,250 masl

Varietal: Catuai, Bourbon

Processing: P Natural, Washed

Brew: Aeropress / Espresso