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Higueronal F1 - Costa Rica

Parma Violet / Cloves / Cacao Nibs

This delicate and aromatic coffee originates from the fields of Dota in Costa Rica, meticulously cultivated by the experienced hand of Oscar Antonio Ureña, a stalwart in the coffee industry since 2008. Known for his penchant for innovation, Ureña explores and experiments with new varieties including the F1 variety in this lot. 

The F1, or Filial generation 1, boasts adaptability as one of its defining features. It demonstrates remarkable flexibility in the face of changing climatic conditions, offers higher yields, and has a resilience to common diseases that make it an exceptionally sought after variety. The moniker 'Higueronal' is derived from an old neighborhood in the idyllic canton of Dota, nestled in the San Jose province of Costa Rica.

Once Ureña meticulously selects the cherries, they embark on a journey to Ivan Solis' micro-mill in Dota. Here, the cherries are placed in fermentation tanks for an extensive 96 hours. This fermentation period allows the coffee to develop a diverse range of flavors and aromatics. Subsequently, the cherries are carefully spread out on raised beds, where they are sun-dried for 18 days, milled and bagged. With intricate notes of perfumed parma violet complimented by the deeper flavors of clove and cacao nibs, this coffee is an exceptional addition to our collection.

This coffee is flexible. You can use it with a V60, an aeropress or even in your cafetiere. It’s best enjoyed without milk, so you can really get a sense of its complexity. 

Producer: Oscar Antonio Ureña

Origin: Santa Maria de Dota, Costa Rica

Altitude: 1500 - 1900 masl

Varietal: Centroamericano F1

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Brew: V60 / Filter