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Masha - Burundi

Masha - Burundi Specialty Coffee
Masha - Burundi Specialty Coffee

Black Tea / Dark Honey / Grapefruit

The station’s name Masha is inspired by the abundance of cattle in the region. The name Masha comes from the Kirundi word “amasho”, meaning 'herds of cattle'. But it's all about coffee at the Masha Washing Station. Over 2,000 farmers deliver their hand picked cherries to the station and thanks to stringent quality control, the resulting coffees are juicy, clean and full bodied. Most of the farmers are smallholders with small farms with minimal crops. The Masha Station and Greenco who oversee it, ensure there is plenty of support and education available, as it's in their interest to promote quality.

This Red Bourbon has delicate floral black tea notes and gives a super sweet cup with a gentle citrus acidity present. As a light roast you will get the most of it as a filter on a V60 or an Aeropress brew with ratio 1 to 16 to highlight the juicy notes.

Producer: Masha Washing Station

Origin: Kayanza, Burundi

Altitude: 1,672 masl

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Processing: Natural

Brew: Aeropress / V60


Masha - Burundi Specialty Coffee
Masha - Burundi Specialty Coffee