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Solis & Cordero - Costa Rica

Orange Marmalade / Honey / Plums

Solis & Cordero micro mill is a success story built on the hard work and genuine passion of its founder Ivan Solis. Founded in 2017 and family run, it sits in the hilly region of Tarrazu, Central Costa Rica. It’s an area with a long history of producing great coffee.

Our lot is grown in Copey, which is a small area of Tarrazu and has it’s own microclimate. Initially thought to be too high and cold to grow successfully. The last few harvests have proved otherwise. The altitude of 1500-1900masl, high rainfall and untouched mineral-rich soil has produced some excellent lots.

Ivan receives the carefully selected fruit at his wet mill and uses a honey process. A honey process imparts a very different flavour profile, somewhere in between the washed and natural processes. As per normal, only the ripest cherries are picked and sorted to achieve the highest grade possible. They are then passed through a pulper, which will split the skin and force the bean out using centrifugal force. Here the similarities from the washed process end. Instead of using fermentation tanks and washing channels the beans are left to dry with varying amounts of the mucilage intact. In our case a white honey process where 70-75% of the mucilage is removed. Once the desired amount of mucilage is removed the coffee is spread out to dry on patios.  Constant turning and raking is required to avoid any over fermentation or rot as moisture is brought down to the optimal 10-12%. The beans at this point often look like candied nuts, hence the name honey process. The coffee is then stored until it is ready for hulling and distribution.

This process results in a marmalade sweet, smooth cup with big mouth feel and muted acidity. Delicious!


Producer: Ivan Solis

Origin: Tarrazu - Costa Rica

Altitude: 1,500 - 1,900 masl

Varietal: Catuai

Processing: Honey

Brew: Filter / V60