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Tangerina - Brazil

Tangerina - Brazil Coffee

Clementine / Milk Chocolate / Walnut

Kamba Coffee work with some incredible coffee producers and are one of our favourite importers. We have worked closely with them for the past few years learning about their producers and tasting many excellent coffees.

We have chosen a very special lot this time, from the Cerrado region in Minas Gerais Brazil. We have named the coffee Tangerina. Grown by sisters Vera and Leda Figueiredo. 

They're 100% dedicated to sustainability and respecting the environment as well as social and ethical commitments. The sisters have carried out agronomic projects, focused on the production of specialty coffee and since 2017 they have been accredited with the certification by the Rainforest Alliance for sustainable agriculture.

With notes of milk chocolate, walnut and a gentle sweet clementine finish as it gets colder, this is a classic Brazilian with a juicy twist. Delicious!

Producer: Vera Figuereido

Origin: Cerrado, Brazil

Altitude: 900 - 930 masl

Varietal: Mundo Novo

Processing: Washed

Brew: Aeropress / Espresso


Tangerina - Brazil Coffee