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Decaf Chambaku - Colombia

Red Berries / Honey / Raw Cocoa

Chambaku Decaf is something quite special. We pride ourselves in our decaf offer and we hope this lives up to expectations. This one is special because it's not your normal washed process. These Castillo beans from the Caldas region of Colombia have been fermented anaerobically and then dried naturally before going through the decaffeination process. As a result we find a more pronounced acidity and fruitier notes generating a more complex cup.

Colombia is a pioneer in experimental processing. It's laborious work with lots of trial and error to achieve the right results. In this case they've nailed it and you can expect a honey sweet coffee with gentle notes of red berries. These play with the complex dark chocolate or raw cocoa undertones and create a very smooth and dreamy cup!

Origin:  Caldas, Colombia

Altitude: 1400-1800 masl

Varietal: Castillo

Processing: Anaerobic-Natural Decaf

Brew: Espresso / French Press