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El Vergel - Colombia

Pink Guava / Blackberries / Cacao Nibs

El Vergel is lush, aromatic and juicy. It is our pick for this season- unforgettably bright and full-bodied, this coffee coats the tongue with notes of pink guava, blackberries and cacao nibs. El Vergel has an intensity that is rewarding. The depth of its flavour profile prompts you to slow down and indulge in its complexity; the perfect companion for warm weather. 

El Vergel is grown in the rich, volcanic terrain of Tolima, central Colombia. The farm is surrounded by guava trees- earning its name “Vergel”, meaning orchard- and boasts a quantity of over 40,000 plants. El Vergel beans are first fermented anaerobically for 40-60 hours and are then intermittently dried. The beans are loaded into silos and chilled for 45 days before they are packed and distributed. The development of this process is truly an act of love for the plant and pays off in the intricacy and depth of its flavour. 

Producer: OElias & Shady Bayter

Origin: Tolima, Colombia

Altitude: 1360 masl

Varietal: CRed & Yellow Caturra

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Brew: V60 / Filter