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Cafetiere Guidelines

French Press

This very old method, from the 50’s, that’s 1850’s 50’s, is a full immersion type of brewing. This means that you place the coffee grounds, very coarse, and your water on top and “voila”, as the French would say, you have your coffee. If you like a heavy body and strong filtered coffee this is the way for you. Let us show how with our guidelines and our introduction video.

Equipment needed:

  • French Press – Cafetiere 
  • Kettle
  • Scale
  • Grinder (hand or electric)
  • Fresh Speciality coffee (order here) 

Recommended Recipe: 

  • 20 g of coffee
  • 250 ml of water
  • Grind size – Coarse
  • Water temp – 94 – 96 ℃
  • Brew Time – 3:00 – 3:30 min 

Our Guidelines: 

  • Weigh 20 gr of coffee on the scale and grind it just before you start brewing
  • Start heating your water to the desired temperature (use filtered water as tap water will give the brew a harsh taste) 
  • Place your French Press on the scale 
  • Rinse with hot water 
  • Add your fresh grinded coffee – 20 g
  • Start your time on the scale
  • Add 250 ml of hot water and let it steep for 3:00 min
  • Gently give it a stir using a spoon after 2:00 min. This will cause most of the coffee to fall to the bottom
  • When the timer hits 3:00 min place the plunger on top of the press and gently start pressing down
  • Serve the coffee immediately after. If the coffee stays in the server for longer it will continue to extract and will end up with a harsh tasting brew
  • Enjoy a fresh brew each day