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Espresso Guidelines

Espresso guidelines

Espresso has been a part of our daily routine for the past fifty years or so and it became a culture which it all started in Italy. Espresso is a highly concentrated beverage that is achieved through high pressurized water passing through a compressed coffee bed.

If you think that this is a hobby that you want to undertake let us, give some guidelines into doing it at home.

Equipment needed:

  • Home Espresso Machine
  • Scale
  • Tamper 
  • Grinder (electric)
  • Fresh Speciality coffee (order here) 
  • Filtered water 

Recommended Recipe: 

  • Ratio 1/2
  • 18g coffee / 36 g brewed coffee
  • Varies between 25 – 30 sec extraction time
  • Boiler temp – 90 – 93 ℃

Our Guidelines: 

  • Fill the water tank of the espresso machine with filtered water and turn on to heat the up to desired temperature
  • Place portafilter on the scale and “tare” to zero 
  • Grind the desired amount of coffee in the portafilter’s basket
  • Place on the scale to check you have the desired amount
  • Place the portafilter on the edge of the desk and with an appropriate force temp or press down the tamper to compress the coffee bed
  • Flush the group head in order to rinse for previous use and stabilize the water temp
  • Clean the edges of the portafilter for any coffee remains and gently insert it in the group head
  • Place you cup on the scale under the group head and immediately press the button to start your extraction (if the machine doesn’t have a timer use your phone or a digital timer to ensure you have the correct time based on your recipe)
  • When finished take the cup of fresh espresso form the machine and clean your portafilter and group head
  • Discard from portafilter spent coffee and clean the portafilter using a dry and clean cloth
  • Rinse the group head after every use 
  • Give you espresso 5 stirs suing a clean spoon and enjoy that morning “spro”

Milk based drinks

If you love that flat white or cappuccino in the morning, then you need some good old fresh cow’s milk or if you prefer an alternative drink with your espresso then let us guide you in how to use that steam want to create it every day. 

Here are our guidelines into texturing milk.

Steam Milk Method:

  • First thing you want to do is purge the steam want and this means that you activate the steam button for a brief moment to eject any water that is inside created by condensation. 
  • Take some fresh milk from the fridge and pour into your pitcher (50 – 60 %). Cold milk from the fridge will be easier to texture.
  • Place the head of the steam want just a bit on top of the milk, it should be 50% in the milk and 50% just on the surface of the milk and open the steam valve to 70% power. Remember if you are new at this texturing milk procedure don’t go full power on the steam as you may make a mess in the kitchen. 
  • After the steam creates the desired amount of foam just raise a bit the pitcher up to fully submerge the head of the steam wand. This should happen when you feel your hand temperature is the same as the pitcher temperature.
  • Keep your hand on the pitcher to check the temperature of the milk until you feel its uncomfortable o hold any more. At this point stop the steamer and take out the pitcher.
  • Clean the steam wand with a clean cloth a purge the wand to ensure no undesired milk remains inside.
  • Swirl the pitcher for a moment before pouring into the espresso. This to ensure there is no separation of the foam from the milk inside the pitcher.
  • Enjoy that milk-based coffee every day!