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La Aurora - Costa Rica

Cranberry / Maple Syrup / Sweet Plum

La Aurora is a full-bodied, juicy coffee with notes of maple syrup and sweet plum which is rounded off by the tangy tartness of cranberry. 

This coffee gets its flavor profile from its red-honey process. The ripe cherries, which are carefully selected for their quality, are washed and depulped. The beans are left with 50% of their mucilage throughout their 48 hour fermentation, intensifying the coffee's depth and complexity.

La Aurora is processed in Ivan Solis’ micro-mill where with his intricate understanding and experience in coffee, he selects the best beans from the area and processes them himself all the way to export. Solis personally oversees every step, ensuring the highest standards of quality and a traceable, shorter supply chain that aligns with our commitment to product transparency and sustainability. This is the second time The Roasting Shed have worked with Solis’ and we benefit from his profound expertise and excellent quality. 

This coffee is excellent as a filter, and lends itself well to aeropress and cafetiere. 

Producer: Enrique Madrigal

Origin: Santa Maria de Dota

Altitude: 1500 - 1900 masl

Varietal: Catuai

Processing: Red Honey

Brew: Filter / V60