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Padah Lin - Myanmar

Brown Sugar / Medjool Dates / Satsuma


Padah-Lin is a sweet, full bodied coffee originating in the mountainous and tropical region of Ywangan, Southern Shan State, Myanmar. Padah-Lin celebrates primary notes of Medjool date and brown sugar. The sparkling acidity of satsuma comes through underneath, adding a mouth-watering depth to this coffee. 

Padah-Lin is grown and cultivated by 50 small shareholders from the region who farm across approximately 0.25-3 acres each. These farmers intercrop their coffee plants with a variety of produce, including avocados, jackfruit, papaya, macadamia and djenkol beans, supporting local biodiversity and using these as a buffer to the spread of leaf rust.

Each cherry is hand picked. Within 48 hours it is sorted and collected in order to deliver the cherries to the processing mill Pyin Oo Lin. During the processing stage, the cherries are then floated, pulped and fermented overnight in tiled tanks, maintaining lot separation and developing those delicious flavours that make this coffee so special. The parchment is then rinsed in a mechanical demucilager before it is dried on patios for 7-10 days. The beans are packaged, sent and delivered to our store, before they are roasted for your enjoyment.

You can use these beans in an Aeropress or a V60, to achieve the full breadth of this delicious and satisfying coffee.

Producer: Mandalay Group

Origin: Ywangan, Myanmar

Altitude: 1,280 masl

Varietal: Red Catuai

Processing: Washed

Brew: Aeropress / V60